The Lips can Make You Look Younger

5:38 PM

The Lips is one part of our body that can make us look younger, longer. You just have to learn how to line your lips to perfection instead of putting red lipsticks just to make look younger. The secret is all in your pucker. Studies found that though wrinkles may be most women’s hated addition to their face, it’s really the size of your lips which determines your age based on your physical appearance. From childhood until the age of about 30, it’s safe to assume that your lips will maintain their size, but with aging they tend to deflate. “Lip height” tends to be genetic, of course, there are unnatural ways to elongate the time you’ll be able to enjoy full lips, but don’t get all Botox happy and inflate your lips to unrealistic sizes just to hold on to your youth. You don’t want to get all Meg Ryan on those suckers. source;DailyMail

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