The 5 Best Ways Girls Can Have Fun on a Night-in!

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So Christmas is just around the corner and we’re so looking forward to all the festivities. All those chances to get our party dresses on, catch up with friends, and just generally have a great time during one of our favourite parts of the year.

The trouble is Christmas can be so expensive; therefore we could do with staying in and saving a bit of money over the next couple of weeks to pay for it. However – don’t despair – because we’ve been doing some serious research into the best ways girls can have fun on a night in.

And here are our favourite five!

Bingo Night

I was really surprised by how many people suggested online bingo as a great night in. Probably one of the reasons it’s got so popular is that some of the online bingo sites are giving new members free money to play with when they join, and then an extra first deposit bonus on top of that. I don’t mind admitting I’ve taken advantage of those offers and enjoyed a few games since I checked it out. You can play bingo for free on quite a few websites but I played on one of the best bingo sites online I’ve also organized a bingo party with the girls next week and we’ll be clubbing together in our attempts to win some cash prizes or hopefully a jackpot to cover our Christmas expenses. I hear Sharon Osborne absolutely loves playing bingo online! Who would have thought?!

Movie Night

Just about everyone suggested this as a night-in, but who doesn’t love movie night whether it’s going out to the movies or staying in with one of your old favourites. Of course you’ll be staying in because you’re saving up, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the girls round. Renting a movie between you doesn’t cost much or, even better, watch some of your old favourite DVD’s or downloads. Of course you can chip in for snacks - of which ice-cream and chocolate have to be top of the list (you can always go for a run in the morning if you’re worried about fitting into your party dresses).

Karaoke Night

Come on – we’ve all dreamed of being a pop star – and for this night you can be whoever you want to. Check to see if anyone’s got a Karaoke machine but, if not, you can find the lyrics to all your favourite songs online. Lady GaGa, Rihanna and Madonna were very popular artists, whilst lots of the girls also suggested Karaoke Night makes great partner for Cocktail Night.

Come Dine With Me Night

Most of us like to think we’re a bit of a magician in the kitchen – and Come Dine With Me competitions with the girls proved a popular suggestion. And why not – it’s a great way to showcase your culinary skills and eat some great food at a fraction of the price you would if you dined out. You’ve probably seen the TV programme but, if you haven’t, all you do is cook your friends a three-course meal and then get them to score your efforts out of ten. Then the rest of your guests take it in turns to reciprocate.

Cocktail Night

Whether you’re a “Sex on the Beach” kind of girl or prefer a “Long Island Iced Tea” cocktail nights proved to be one of the favourite nights-in amongst the girls we asked. Start by finding some cocktail recipes and then plan your menus accordingly. Make a list of all the ingredients you need and then ask everyone to bring something off the list. Chip in for any extras and don’t forget the ice. If you want to go one step further, buy some little umbrellas and an assortment of cherries/olives/limes etc. (and maybe something for the following morning’s hangover).

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