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GeunBum Couple & Dating

9:38 PM

One of the Korea's hottest, cute, popular and controversial couple today Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum - also called GeunBum Couple. I just thought I've got to talk about it since I'm a huge fan of MGY since the drama Autumn Tale. I for one giggles as I enjoyed following updates of this beautiful couple. MGY may be couple of years older but honestly they look adorable together and with her baby face feature makes them look like same of age. Moon Geun Young is a very well loved Korean actress. Whatever character portrayal you wanna throw at her rest assured she can carry and deliver it well. She is a good actress and very genuine person. Anyway, since the drama Jung Yi Goddess of Fire came out the a lot of MGY and KB fans have been rooting for this couple. A dating rumor buzzing around different social network a month after the show ended and this two couple did not deny or hide the dating it. Both their agency have confirmed that they are officially dating. GeunBum Couple have traveled to Europe after the Goddess of Fire ended and their fans followed them from there to the airport when they got back from their trip and continued to give updates. May their relationship last longer and forever. Follow this couple through Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr

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