What Makes Smoking Appealing

10:29 PM

I grew up watching my father smoking and I had seen him many times trying to quit. When I was little, every time I see adult smoking and blowing smoke forming like a ring or cloud-like circle up on the air it made me want to try too out of curiosity. I have observed before that lots of young kid or teenagers want to try it too and that is how they started smoking. By trying how to learn how blow from the nose and make a smoke ring from their mouth may influence the kids to start smoking and get addicted with it. I think it was a trick. In fact i even tried to smoke and blow it out of my nose and attempted to make a smoke ring. I had no idea until today that the act of moving smoke from the back of the mouth and exhaling through the nose is called Retrohaling. Smoking is not for me because I don't like the smell of cigs stuck in my fingers. Meanwhile, every one knows that cigar is made of tobacco which has nicotine and smoking in general is not good for the lungs but we still smoke anyway. It probably unhealthy smoking through your nose but the experience is quite fun and appealing. Cigar has a distinct taste and fine aroma or flavor which is different from typical cigarette. Do you think cigar vs. cigarette retrohaling have different effect?

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