Lake Placid: The Final Chapter

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Hello November! Happy all Saints and All Souls day ya'll. It's Halloween ya know, and in connection for this yearly spooky and creepy event I'm kind forced to watch this nerve wracking, nail biting and blood shedding movie Lake Placid: The Final Chapter at Syfy. This is the fourth installment of the campy horror movie franchise. I have seen Lake placid before but I can't remember the year. I guess that was the first part of the movie. There's not much anything to watch on TV right now and as I was browsing the TV show channels, I ended up in Syfy.

The latest Lake Placid film, directed by Don Michael Paul. The story is about a new sheriff facing a big problem in his hand when a poacher discovers that his local lake is inhabited by man-eating crocodiles.

Reba the poacher is back, now an EPA agent. Black Lake is turned into a crocodile sanctuary surrounded by an electric fence. When the fence gets left open one night, a high-school field trip bus unknowingly enters the park. It's up to Reba and the sheriff to save the kids from becoming crocodile chow. Written by Crue King source:IMDB

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