Charlotte, My New Home

10:24 PM

Thanks to Lemuel Craft
I went to college in Atlanta, so when I got a job offer in Charlotte after graduation I jumped at it. It wasn’t too far from Atlanta, and I had a lot of friends who were moving there for jobs too. I was excited about the job offer, even though it didn’t pay very much. I figured that whatever I made would be better than the meager budget I lived off of in college. I and I couldn’t wait to find an apartment and get my life organized. I lived in a dorm all four years of college, so finally getting my own apartment was a big deal. I knew that I didn’t want to live with a roommate, and needed my own space after the dorm experience. I couldn’t wait to have everything set up the way I wanted it. I searched for the right charlotte direct tv package, furniture, and decorations. I wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for when I moved in. I dreamed about having parties and people telling me how amazing my apartment was. I knew that it would only be a one-bedroom, but I still

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