A Group Spoiler

11:16 AM

In every group there is always we called spoiler. Same thing with movies, if there is antagonist, there should also be protagonist. Well, this past few days when the group was created, everybody was having great time exchanging pleasantry and jokes. None of the jokes were offending or hurting someone. Until just yesterday when someone posted a warning not to post below the belt comment and joke. It was just a warning as the members of the group had so much time talking people from the past as well as incredible experiences during their childhood. Then, one after another wrote a comment below that post adding their opinion and one of the comment didn't sound so right. It alarmed other member of the group especially the young one who just enjoying some random conversation with the old ones. Based on my observation, that comments spoiled the fun because since yesterday the group was not as lively as it was days ago. What are you in a group, a spoiler or a fun lover?

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