Fast Shopper

3:13 PM

How long does your man can shop for jeans and shirt? What store does he usually buy his stuffs? Well, my husband is not much of a shopper. He doesn't like mall and department store. Every time we go shopping for kids stuff, he always see to it that he has a list of the things to buy so that everything will be in order. He is always in haste and rush everything up. Imagine he can do his shopping spree in less than 30 minutes. He will leave the house and in no time he is back. He will just grab jeans and shirt that has his size without trying it on in the fitting room. Honestly, after that one time that I bought a pair of working shirt for him and all he did was complain because it's too big and no pocket, I told myself that i will never buy him anything unless he asks me to. There is this one store where we buy our bulk grocery stuffs, and he found some carhartt jeans for men on the display section. From then on, he always bragged to me that he bought a couple for a good price. I'm glad he finally found a store that has the things he needs.

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