Updates, moving and shopping

8:44 PM

Sorry folks for not updating this blog lately. My family and I have been very busy with the move. I put aside the blogging first and if you happen to see me on FB playing well that was in between break. It's hard to sneak out just to blog but easy when you're playing because you can get away with it so quick. Anyway, I've been doing some shopping too, just some few items for the house and kids. I also bought something from payu2B item. I'll share it some time. I also bought a very expensive stuff for the kids, I really do hope this will help them read. The little girl showed some interest but the buckaroo still stuck in the Thomas & Friends world. I hope I will have more time to update this blog this week and coming days. I need to get back to blogging because I'm broke hehehe just kidding.

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