PageRank, Imports, New Look and Home

12:02 PM

Google updated the PageRank yesterday and he added one stroke of PR to the existing PR1 to this blog. I am happy with the latest PageRank update and I thought it's time to make the move. I have been planning to move this blog to wordpress and also transfer its domain registrar. The domain registrar haven't done yet but the blog is now in its new home. I am now using self hosted wordpress platform to this blog and this action would not be possible without the help and convincing power of Miss Willa. Thank you so much sis for the help and tweaking this theme for me. You are indeed a smart mommy because you know lots of techy stuff that not all mommy bloggers does. I was actually inspired with her new shopping blog look and the slide features in some of her blogs. You can check it out by pressing the links provided.

My Everyday Life

The Bloggers Journal

The Blogging Traveller

Pixel Minded

Fickle Minded

Smart Boys

Food Trip Friday

The Blogger Exchange

Happy Meal

Postcard Perfect

I also would like to thank my kumare Ruby for helping me with the imports. I totally messed it up and now I still have to find few post that are missing. I have done this thing (importing blog post) but last night I messed it up. Thank to marz Rubs for the rescue 101.

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