Goodies and Jinbei

10:37 PM

This was the package from Mommy Clang all the way from Japan. Thanks again clang you so sweet. Anyhow, inside the package were three pairs of Jinbei for Justine, Jake and probably the bigger one is for me. I had to lose some weight so it would fit on me. And of course some yummy chocolates. We finished the chocolate in one day. My sweet tooth dragons kept on coming back and asking for more. I really do love that gift because it has this japanese outfit called Jinbei. I know I can't buy this kind of outfit here or in the Philippines because i didn't know about it until I got that package from Clang. I even thought it was a kimono but I checked the tag it says Jinbei. Jinbei is a kind of traditional Japanese clothing worn by men, women, boys, girls, and even babies during the summer. It is usually worn as a form of nightwear or house wear. Sometimes jinbei are used as substitute for yukata during a summer festival, typically by men and boys but also frequently by young women. Above is my daughter wearingher Jinbei and she definitely look great in that suit.

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