Upset Stomach

8:30 PM

I was about to do my post about natural hemorrhoid treatment when my stomach aches. I had to run quickly upstairs to take Pepto to relieve my upset stomach. But the pain was so intense that I had to stay in the toilet for more than half hour. I really don't know what the cause of my upset stomach was. The last food I ate was the snack wrap from Mc. Donalds. I was thinking it probably the cause of my upset stomach. It's not that i don't like Mc. Donald because I do but today I really didn't feel like eating any burger from MickeyDs. Joe wanted a burger from that food chain and I had no choice but to pick something I could eat on our way back from Slippery Rock. There were times that we ordered burgers from MickeyDs and both get a diarrhea. I hate when I have upset stomach and diarrhea because if I push too hard my hemorrhoid would perhaps pop out. I got this hemorrhoid when I gave birth with my kids. The doctor said this is a common scenario when you gave birth. Now, my stomach is still not feeling better yet but it was not that painful either. I hope it will go away soon as i have tons of things needs to get done tonight.

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