How Do You Find My Bolero?

8:51 PM

I got bored again then got an email from Charlotte Russe that they are on sale. The plan was to checked only. But then my sister gave me a sort of Bohemian style blouse/dress. Then, the bolero popped out my mind since I don't really wear off shoulder kind of clothes. Good thing it was on sale for only 14.49 bucks (was $29.00) plus $5 for shipping, . It's a Twill Bolero Cropped Jacket, Solid linen twill fabric, Cap sleeves, Open front with crocheted trim and it's a machine washable. I bought 2 for me and my sissy. Do you like it? I am not sure if they have more item like this available at their online store. The last time I checked it was out of stock. Bolero has been in the fashion trend since before I was little. It's perfect for any season. You can wear it any time and anywhere.

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