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I Finally Found the One

8:21 PM

For almost three years now of trying different hair products I finally found the one for my hair. I tried pantene, hair and sholder, Dove and many more it just wasn't making my hair look healthy. They made my hair dry and dull plus made my scalp ithcy and flaky. Those shampoo that I mention were good shampoo that I used back hope and they were good. But then they never works on my hair that I am here in the US. We all know that US is one of those country that experiencing 4 season. I remember it was late spring the first time I stepped on this country and felt cold even if there were sun out. I came from tropical country where we only experience two kinds of weather and that is hot and rainy season. So, even if it was warm for others at that time for me it was chilly. I used hot water in taking a shower and that made my hair super dry. Washing your hair with hot water will make your scalp dry and loses its oil. Whatever shampoo I used it just never work. Then recently I tried the Garnier Fructis - Shampoo & Conditioner and it bring different texture and feeling to my hair. It gives clean feeling and vitality for normal hair. I like this new shampoo that I am using now. So, no more experimenting for me and I found the one for me.

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