Stress Relief Tips

Tips on Stress Relief

12:10 PM

I wonder if there is one people existed live a life free from stress everyday. I don't think so. Life itself is stressful. Money problems may cause major stress and we all need money. If other people don't need money I'm sure they get stress thinking how to spend their money. Our world, the war here and there can cause stress. Our everyday needs and responsibility can stress us also. Perhaps there is a times or days that we don't get stress and thats a good thing. So to avoid getting stress or atleast relieve some of your stress here are few tips for you.


1.Eat Right and Exercise
2.Set Realistic Goals
3.Handle Important Tasks First and
4.Eliminate Unessential Tasks
5.Take a Break and Meditate to Slow
6.Down Your Mind
7.Reduce the Urge to be "Perfect"
8.Be Flexible
9.Avoid Excess Competition
10.Reduce Criticism
11.Don't Stress When Expectations Are
Not Met
12.Manage Your Anger
13.Push Away Negativity of Any Kind
14.Give Yourself "Me" Time
15Choose to Keep Quiet When You Feel
a Knee-Jerk Reaction Coming On
16.Be Cheerful, it Deflates Others Stress
and Anxiety
17.Silence Your Phone at Night
18.Dab Scented Oils, Cologne or Perfume
on Your Wrist to Sniff as an
Aromatherapy Reminder to Relax When
you Feel Stressed
19.Utilize Relaxation Techniques; Yoga,
Meditation, Breathing, Stretching
20.Laugh More, and Often
Monitor Your Communication Skills. Remember You Can Only Change Yourself.

"TRUE PEACE COMES FROM HUMBLE SUFFERING" I read this beautiful message this morning in my sister wall at facebook when I checked this morning. It is indeed true in many ways. Let us make our lives as peaceful as we can in one way or another. Peace Brother!

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