Halloween Costume

Halloween Costume

9:36 PM

She sure knows how to pick a super cute costume. This Halloween - Trick-or-Treat 2016, my lil sassy girl wore a Birthday cake costume and my buckaroo was a pirate. She received a tons of compliments with her birthday cake and as well as cake eaters (lmao). She wore this costume during the Fall festival at school and cried because some of the kids took a bite of it, as in literally. Then, earlier before the trick-or-treat, I spent my morning sewing the cake costume as it was all ripped and torn every where. Moreover, during the trick-or-treat she stepped on it while walking downhill and ripped the costume, that made it look like somebody too a big slice of it. Anyway, it was a fun and safe Halloween Trick-or-Treat at our friends neighborhood because our street was so quiet.

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