VIPRE Internet Security: The Best Antivirus Software at Present

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This post brought to you by Vipre. All opinions are 100% mine.

In this generation, computer security issues are a big challenge for all of us. No one is exempted and we are all vulnerable to cybercrime attacks. Most of us are aware that hackers exploit the vulnerability of a software in order to install their malware.

That is why I choose only the software that I trusted and used for months. I have been using VIPRE Internet Security in one of our PC’s and so far, this award-winning antivirus software delivers security that includes a firewall and a spam filter. It also has a website blocking which brings a powerful solution for a thorough and complete protection against malware.

Before using VIPRE, I was a victim of phishing which is a social engineering technique used to deceive a user. I was directed to a website and was asked to enter my password. Unknowingly, it was a fake website whose look and feel is almost identical to the legitimate site. Anyway, the PC I used has Internet Security software but, due to its limited security capability, I got no warning. In just a matter of minutes, I can’t log in to my account. I was hacked! It was a terrifying 20 hours of my life since the hacker started sending scam emails to my friends asking for financial assistance.

A friend told me to install VIPRE Internet Security for it has sophisticated security features that can protect my PC from viruses and other malware threats. That’s what I did and since that hacking incident, my online activities are secured and my PC is no longer vulnerable to phishing and other malware attack.

VIPRE Internet Security is really easy to install and that’s what I like about it. Having VIPRE installed in my PC gives me peace of mind. I was using other Internet protection before but, I like VIPRE more because the performance of my PC never slows down and a lot faster than before. You should try VIPRE Internet Security to protect your PC.

VIPRE is indeed one of the best antivirus programs which we have at present. For more information about VIPRE software, visit today.

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