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Watching movie on theater is not an option on me anymore since I moved here in the US and got kids. My husband is always busy and don't have time for movies plus he is not a movie fanatic generally. I like movies but there's a particular genre that I would enjoy watching. When the movie Twilight came out it created a buzz and that got me thinking to watched it. The first was really good that you had to watched the second then third and of course you need to put closure on it and finished the series. That's when the fourth Breaking Dawn part 1 and part 2 comes in. As I have said, i don't have time to watch movie on a big screen by myself so i decided to buy the DVD instead. So, here it is the DVD Twilight and Underworld collection. it's the same story goes with the underworld that I ended up buying the trilogy just to watch the whole series.

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