A Message of Love and Hope

2:35 PM

Cancer is no respecter of persons, no doubt about that. It affects both young and old, men and women alike. It is a battle that is being fought daily. Little do we know that we actually hang out daily with people who battle with the disease--- He or she could be our next door neighbor, someone we ride the bus with, or could even be someone from our families. She could even be your best friend. I really do admired these group of people who trying to look and feel good despite of the pain they're feeling.
There is a cancer awareness ribbon that have really been very instrumental in spreading the news and awareness about cancer these days. It serves as an assurance to the cancer patients that they are not alone in their battle. There are actually people out there who also have the same dilemma as theirs. On top of that, there are countless others who are also aware of what they are going through. Though these people are totally cancer-free, by wearing those ribbons, they spread a message of love and hope for those who are battling with the Big C. And they never stop fighting to find cure for victim cancer. It's time to show them that they are not along in this fight. If you want to make a difference, try supporting this great cause.
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