Actres Who Dated Hottie Casts

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It is very common for actors and actresses in movies or TV drama to develop an intimate relation while on set. They're couple on set and would start dating off cam and apparently become a real couple in a real life. There were few or maybe a lot of the celebrities found romance during their TV shows.

Joshua Jackson and Katie Holmes dated during their shows Dawson's Creek. Keri Russel and Scott Speedman dated during their shows Felicity. Well, these are just the old couple from old TV shows that I really liked. There is also recent TV dramas and of course casts who feel in love maybe and started dating or have been dating. VanCamp is dating her co-star and on-screen love interest from Revenge, Josh Bowman. The sweet couple Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev from the shows The Vampire Diaries.

Nevertheless, among these drama couples who dated on and off cam, Sophia Bush who dated most of the hottie male cast in the TV shows One Tree Hill was I think the winner. Imagine she dated three men in the cast, she sure has a long hair.
Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush dated/married in 2005, got divorced after 5 months relationship.
James Lafferty and Sophia Bush dated in 2009.
Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush dated for 6 years and broke up. As the their show One Tree Hill ended, and so was their their relationship. She reasoned that he is not the one. They played as a married couple in the show.
These are just a few start I heard and Im sure there are also more from TV shows and movies who found romance.

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