Love and Cheating

10:43 PM

Do you believe in love? Well this is a very cliché statement but someone that would hear this line would probably be challenge to prove that there is love. Do you think every group of people have their own definition of love? There is love that is true, a love that cheat, or ideal love. I've been watching some repeats of old tV shows and in every drama there is always a love triangle romance and cheating part. It confuses me why some in love couple have to cheat. It's kind of embarrassing for people or celebrity whose life is too public already. The whole world has to hear that they cheat. The world would hear when they're in love, and when they broke up but when they cheat, that is something they should not be proud of. It only shows that they cannot be trusted when they are in a serious relationship no matter how in love. Cheating is like a mistake for some people but it sure ruin the trust as one of the foundation in a relationship.

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