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Awful Experience

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I had few scars and scab marks when I was little but not because of any bug bites and likes. Tiny scars in my face because I used to scratch my face and couple of scars in my knee from the bikes. I also used to go in the midst of pineapple farm to play or steal pineapples and those prickles will cause scratches if it touches your skin. Some of these scars had gone away and the big ones blended with my skin. Anyhow, last year when we moved to this basement apartment, we had no idea that the previous people who rent there left a bed bugs in the carpet. Couple of days after we moved in hubby and I started scratching our feet. Then the next day we got more bites in our feet specifically. We cleaned the place all the time, vacuum the carpet and spray some insecticides and still we got more bites in the morning. So, bombed the place many times and yet nothing happens. When I checked our bed I noticed a tiny eggs in it. Our new bed got infected by bed bugs that was left on the carpet from the previous renter. We bought an extra strong and effective insecticides online and bed covers that will kill those bugs. We found the culprit dead on the floor after that one whole day bombing.

My legs look so awful from those bed bugs bite marks. I was glad Jake did not get any bites because he was sleeping in his crib.

I was still fortunate to had those scars removed. I used different kids of cream and ointment that I could find in the store but some of them is not working. Then my sister told me about Bio-Oil. It is effective and made those scars gone. But my legs never look the same anymore. I can still see the dark color from the scars.
I am still thankful to Bio- Oil at least my legs don't look awful and disgusting anymore.
These are some of the left over from the scars cream I used. I even bought a $25 cost concealer stick and applied it in the dark spot area or dark marks of my legs. That was an awful, horrible, and discouraging experienced I had in the US. Who would have thought that there are some apartments here in America that are built with good material and complete furnishing and appliances plus advance in everything has bugs lurking in their carpet. I never seen that bug coming though as I never thought there are bed bugs or other nasty bugs in the US. That was the main reason why we had to move out so soon despite of the fact that I like the neighborhood and accessible stores and playgrounds.

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